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Today we’re going on a pilgrimage together.

It’s all prepared and ready, the only thing we have to do is to meet up in the provided place: an estate, a finca or another place near the “camino” (the route of the pilgrimage)…

We are going to have a great time, to really feel it and we are going to have an authentic experience that one does not have very often.
Singing, dancing, eating, drinking, talking and enjoying the aspects of a typical andalusian pilgrimage, we are going to master it together.


Reliving the experience that the pilgrims have in the month of May whilst on their way to Rocío and to other places with tradition and devotion, we will pass through regions that each have their own charm and their own arts. The “camino” will take us to pine forests, wetlands,  wide range lands, lagoons as well as to beautiful shores.


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