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Without a doubt, one of the greatest attractions Spain offers is it’s gastronomy. That’s also why it’s almost obligatory to follow the “Ruta de las Tapas”, whether it may be guided or not.

Having made a careful selection of typical restaurants in towns and cities that are just as typical, we wish to teach to our guests our “culture of tapas” by giving them the chance to eat at picturesque places in beautiful districts. There is a wide range of excellent tapas for them to choose from and all this far away from any mass tourism destination.

Tapas can either be served as a original and tasty aperitif as well as for lunch or dinner.


We have carefully selected different kinds of establishments in cities of interest to give visitors to Andalusia the chance to experience what nightlife in the respective city is like.

This is organized the same way as the “Wine Trail” but dedicated to typical dances and therefore taking the visitor to flamenco and rociero bars.


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