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Everybody who may receive this edict, is
called to the dinner of the “Concordia en el Mediterráneo” which will take place in the pompous saloons of the Royal Palace of Sevilla where the last years of peace in the mediterranean will be celebrated.

The vizier of the powerful king is honoured to invite you to a great fiesta to which the most important noblemen, kings as well as other important people like Italian ambassadors, the emir of Morocco and even the “Reina Católica”, Isabel, accompanied by her fidel confesor Torquemada, are expected to come.

During dinner, the guests will discuss topics with an incredible historic relevance, not only on political level, as well as sciences and arts. We hope that famous peronalities like the philosoph Averroes from Cordoba, Quevedo and Cristóbal Colón, who will be among us for dinner, will delight us with their stories about the new world.


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